Slip ups.

I kinda had a bad day for “Clean” eating yesterday :\

In the morning, I went downstairs to our work cafeteria to get my usual breakfast – a boiled egg and fruit. Perfectly clean, perfectly healthy, perfectly delicious.

But alas, what caught my eye? A HASHBROWN! Wicked thing. So, my resolve weak, I got one, slathered it in ketchup (WITH High fructose corn syrup!) and ate it! Oh, the shame. (Ok, ok, it was TWO hashbrowns. Gahhhh!!!)

The rest of the day, I did eat fairly cleanly. I had a repeat organic spelt bread sandwich with an organic goat cheese spread, organic chicken sausage, a slice of tart green apple and spinach:


One of the -least- complicated things I’ve made as well as one of the tastiest.

For dinner, my parents took us out for steak, and I got a garlic steak with some shrimp and broccoli. All in all, not too bad, but I couldn’t resist taking a few bites of the white bread and butter they gave us to start with 😦 disappointed!

My blood sugar reflected the badness of my actions.

I suppose today’s a new day – and I’ve started it out awesomely 🙂 Eggs, pineapple, strawberries. Now, a salad for lunch and something DELICIOUS for dinner (haven’t figured it out yet…)


Blood sugar average: 230 (boooo)

Insulin Units: 75 (boooooo)

Thanks guys!



It has been a while…

Sorry for not posting for so long, Blog Gods!

Unfortunately for me, I accompanied the lovely Alicia ( to a Raw/Vegan place last weekend and had terrible food poisoning. I actually ended up going to the ER because I was shaking and vomiting so much – and turned up with a temperature of nearly 102. The doctor thought I must have the flu, but after my flu test came back negative, she concluded that it was just some serious food poisoning. I think its from some of the raw flours in the food I ate, but I don’t really want to think about it. For those of you that don’t know, diabetes affects your immune system, so I am more likely to get sick from stuff like this than most people. I think a normal person who ate my meal would probably be okay, I just need to be careful because I’m extremely sensitive. BLAGH! But i want to eat all the things 😦

Anyway, since, things have been looking good! I’ve been making versions of Puerto Rican foods (But “clean”) such as asopao de pollo (not very authentic):


And steak with chimichurri, tostones (plantains), beans and rice:


The flavors have been great – and my stomach is feeling better than ever. I finally feel good again, for the first time since I left for Orlando.

I’m excited tonight to have some adventures with Polenta and the such. Been mostly good, minus a few diet coke slip ups and half a piece of pie yesterday 😦 booooo!!!

Since I’m really out of date with stats, here you go:

Average Blood sugar: 172 (trying to get down to the 140s)

Average Insulin Units: 68 (trying to get down to 50)

Weight change: Lost 3 lbs (trying to lose 30)

Wish me luck, and more importantly, resolve! 🙂

To the Moon and Back

My old posts can be found at I’ve moved over to wordpress because…well, it just works better for this sort of thing.

I’ve been doing a clean diet since the first Saturday in January, 2013 – and its been hard, though admittedly, more tasty and satisfying than I might have guessed. But still – not having my daily 3 diet cokes, diet Snapples, and abundance of bread has been harder than expected.

So, last week, you’d expect I would have been thrilled to have a week off from the diet. I went to Orlando for work, and essentially had to eat every single meal out. I knew there was no way I could stick to a clean diet unless I went to Whole Foods everyday (which was 40 minutes away from my hotel, and infeasible), so I just gave myself a break.

It. Was. AWFUL.

The days started out great – Tim and I went to Universal Studios, to the ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ (it was fun, but not exactly as I thought it would be). Days included big English breakfasts, fish and chips, and copious amounts of magical candies.

(yes, that’s black pudding in the “English” breakfast – it didn’t taste bad, but I couldn’t get over the fact that it was blood…)

Chocolate Frogs were probably my favorite – chocolatey AND adorable! If only they could jump…(although, that might have been a bit creepy…)


After two days, however, things went downhill. I went to work in the Orlando office, as planned, and the food freedom did not go well.  I spent almost everyday in some level of nausea and regret, and never really felt hungry until I was starving. My blood sugar was off the charts bad, and I was tired and cranky all the time! I spent one night throwing up a lot after eating a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s (won’t be having one of those again, any time soon.) I found myself really craving carrots, lettuce (that wasn’t droopy) as well as other foods. I did end up going to Cuban restaurants after my Wendy’s debacle – Grilled skirt steak with chimichurri, black beans, tomatoes, and plantains really were better. But I still didn’t feel anywhere close to “good”.

My body has spoken – and clean is definitely the way to go. I felt less bloated, less sick, and less tired. Today will be a healthy eating day, but I will return officially to full clean eating by tomorrow, Saturday, January 19th. (I need to go to Whole Foods to stock back up on ingredients. We let our inventory bleed down to almost nothing before I left for Orlando, so we wouldn’t have food going bad). Excited to go to “Beets”, a raw food restaurant with Ali, tomorrow (

I’m looking forward SO much to roasted vegetables, steamed organic pork, spelt breads, and feeling really good about myself again. Tomorrow I will be putting my stats up again – including weight.

Wish me luck – and more importantly, resolve!